The Infrared Spectra of Mars, Venus, & Earth
The Infrared Spectra of Mars, Venus, & Earth

In order to get on the Program mailing, seminar, and announcement lists, students are encouraged to indicate their interest as early as possible (even in their freshman year). In any case, and in order to ensure they are on track to fulfill Program requirements (which includes taking AST/CHM/EEB/GEO 255 (Fall) "Life in the Universe" as soon as is feasible), students need to formally apply no later then the beginning of their junior year.

Please contact Prof. Gaspar Bakos (Program Director), or one of the executive committee members in the various affiliated departments (listed elsewhere on this web page), always cc'ing Program Administrator Polly Strauss, [email protected]. We will help you connect with a mentor who can help you craft a personalized certificate program.

This is all you need to do to embark upon the Planets and Life Certificate!

Certificates opportunities extend only to undergraduates currently enrolled at Princeton University.