Executive Committee & Contacts

Adam Burrows   Astrophysical Sciences; program director aburrows@princeton.edu
Gaspar Bakos   Astrophysical Sciences gbakos@astro.princeton.edu
Chris Chyba   Woodrow Wilson School cchyba@princeton.edu
Jeremy Kasdin   Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering jkasdin@princeton.edu
A. James Link   Chemical and Biological Engineering ajlink@princeton.edu
Tullis Onstott   Geosciences tullis@princeton.edu
Ed Turner   Astrophysical Sciences elturner@princeton.edu
Robert Vanderbei Operations Research and Financial Engineering rvdb@princeton.edu
Polly Strauss Academic Program Administrator pstrauss@princeton.edu
- Emeritus -  
Michael Hecht   Chemistry hecht@princeton.edu
Laura Landweber   Ecology and Evolutionary Biology lfl@princeton.edu