Student Participants (and their Symposium talk titles)


Jonah Donnenfield:  "Photometric Follow-up of Transiting Planet Candidates: Optimization, Automation, and Data Reduction"

Bethlee Lindor:  "Model-Based Light Curve Analysis" 

Annie Yang:  "Creation from Clay" 


Dora Chen:  "Methane on Mars"

Daniel Echeverri:  "Design of a Closed-Loop Feedback System for Testing and Prototyping New Deformable Mirror Technologies"

Alexander Singleton:  "A Search for Exo-Moons in the Kepler Data via the Orbital Sampling Effect"


Garrett Gosse:  "Engineering Increased Tolerance in S. cerevisiae through Efflux Pump Addition"

Collin Edwards:  "Mining Metagenomic Data to Understand the Lifestyle of Atmospheric Methane Oxidizing Bacteria in Antarctic Surface Soil"

Ysa Esquilin:  "Artificial chromosomes in the ciliate Oxytricha"

Alexander Gow:  "Resilience of Life on Earth: An example from a Tropical Dry Forest"

Maggie Thompson:  "A Model for Astrometric Detection and Characterization of Multi-Exoplanet Systems"


Nicole Loncke:  "Are These Really Exoplanets?  A Variability Survey of HAT Objects Near Kepler Objects of Interest"

Alexandra Pleus:  "The Effects of Spectral Resolution in Detecting Oxygen in Earth-like Exoplanets"

Preston Kemeny:  "Dual Nitrate Isotopic Results from the 2014 CLIVAR P16S Cruise with Applications to Planetary Habitability"

Cody O'Neil:  "Lebensart: A Nietzschean Reading of Otherworldly Life"


Tess Bernhard:  "Functional Diversity and Environmental Sensitivity in an RNA World"

Max Rubin:  "Discovering and Modeling New Planetary and Stellar Orbits"

Caitlin Kossman:  "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Analogy and Habitability"

Greta Shum:  "The Alien Mind: Aufhebung in the Search for Life and Utopia"


Ololade Saliu:  "Luca and membrane-associated energy production."

Gabe Eggers:  "A regionalized maximum likelihood estimation of the spatial structure of Venus' topography"

Greta Shum:  "Let's Pretend: Astrobiology in Pre-Newtonian Literature"

Jianxiao "Jimmy" Lu:  "Image Extraction Software for the Coronographic High-Angular Resolution Imaging Spectrograph"

Wesley Verne:  "A Command-Line Program for Modeling Solid Exoplanets"


Rachael Alexandroff:  "Discovery of High Redshift Obscured Quasars in SDSS-III and Near-Infrared Spectroscopic Follow-Up"

Margaret Shaw:  "A Novel Thrust Measurement Method For Plasma Rockets With Magnetic Nozzles"


Jared Crooks:  "Reassessments of the Late Heavy Bombardment"

Heather Stiles:  "Genes in Pieces: Vestiges of the Past"

Henry Chu:  "Non-Redundant Aperture Masking"

Melissa Ilardo:  "The Origin and Evolution of the Genetic Code"